How to Choose Crystals

In the first part of this series, we looked at the basics of using crystals. Now we will learn how to choose crystals that suit your needs!

Two basic approaches to choosing crystals:

  1. How to choose crystalsThe easiest way to choose crystals is to simply use your intuition and pick one that you are drawn to. If a certain crystal pops out and keeps grabbing your attention, this is definitely a good crystal for you. If you can touch the crystals, it can make it easier to choose, as you can also get a tactile feel for the stone.
    When you are shopping online, you obviously can’t hold the crystal in your hand, but you can still trust your intuition. If you are drawn to a certain picture, this is definitely the right crystal for you. When it comes to choosing crystals, you really can trust your intuition – even when you are shopping online.
  2. The second approach is to start with what you need at the moment. You can then choose the crystal based on its properties to help you in this specific situation. For example, if you are having emotional stress, you might want to consider Magnesite. Or if you wish to boost your creativity, you can use Herkimer Diamond.

How then do you learn about all these properties of different crystals? The Crystal Bible I mentioned in the first part of this series is a really practical reference guide, as you can either look up the properties of a specific crystal, or you can start with the issue that you are having trouble with and see which crystals are helpful in this particular situation.

You don’t necessarily need a book, though. You can easily get started by simply learning the healing properties of some commonly used crystals. In this course, you will learn how to use Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Magnesite, and Hematite. This is plenty of information to get you started.

Now that you know how to choose crystals, let’s begin exploring the healing properties of individual crystals. We will start with the “rock star” of crystal healing, the Rock Crystal a.k.a Clear Quartz Crystal.