Herkimer Diamond Meanings

The Herkimer Diamond is known for its ability to bring about clarity and balance. Herkimer Diamonds are named after the location they were first discovered in Herkimer County, New York. On this page, you will learn the Herkimer Diamond meanings and healing properties.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamond Meanings

Herkimer Diamonds allow you to effectively release negative energies, fears, and anxieties. They can even be used to clear unconscious fears and repressed energies. This allows for a complete and total relaxation and expansion of life energy.

Herkimer Diamond works by releasing energies on mental, emotional, as well as physical levels. This makes Herkimer a valuable tool for relaxation. Herkimer Diamond is also very helpful in breaking old behavior patterns.

While the Herkimer Diamond is most commonly used to resolve and clear emotional blockages, it can also be used to release and remove toxins from the body.

Another Herkimer Diamond meaning is its ability to boost creativity and imagination. You can easily enjoy these benefits by wearing a Herkimer Diamond necklace or earrings.

Just like Clear Quartz, when combined with other crystals, Herkimer Diamond will considerably increase their performance.

Naturally Double Pointed

The Herkimer diamond is a form of double pointed Quartz Crystal that has already been faceted by nature. Having two points at the opposite ends is also known as double termination. This changes the Herkimer Diamond meanings and uses of the crystal.

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Double termination is relatively rare and these are sought after stones for their healing properties. They are often also more valuable and more expensive than comparable single terminated crystals.

Double terminated crystals are known for their extreme clarity and are very effective tools for healing and meditation. As Herkimer Diamonds are naturally double terminated, this further increases Herkimer Diamonds clarifying effect.

All double pointed crystals can be used to balance the polarities between any two aspects. Herkimer Diamonds are especially suitable for this purpose and the effect is further magnified by the double pointed shape having formed naturally.

For example, Herkimer can be used to achieve a balance between:

  • work / home
  • male / female energies
  • social interactions / taking time for yourself
  • pushing yourself to achieve goals / enjoying the ride.

Clear and Included Varieties

There are two types of Herkimer diamond which have slightly different meanings:
– Clear Herkimer Diamonds consist purely of Herkimer
– Included varieties have traces of black carbon mixed with Herkimer

The included black carbon changes both the appearance and the Herkimer Diamond meanings. The traces of black carbon can actually be very helpful when using Herkimer Diamonds.

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Herkimer Diamonds have a very high vibration and extremely sensitive people can experience this as almost too intense. In the beginning, this can cause some disorientation and dizziness. These effects usually dissolve quite quickly on their own.

This can also be easily managed by using an included variety of Herkimer. The trace elements of black carbon are very effective at grounding and anchoring. This will resolve the disorientation and allows even hyper-sensitive people to enjoy the benefits of Herkimer Diamonds.

The black carbon does not necessarily need to be within the Herkimer Diamond. You can also use a clear Herkimer Diamond and use a separate dark colored crystal, such as Onyx or Hematite, to achieve the grounding and anchoring effect.

Keltin Kaljas, Crystal Healing Expert“Herkimer is effective at making rigid structures more flexible and enables us to open our eyes to see things in a new way. This works marvellously when we find ourselves holding on to our preconceived notions and rigid ideas.

Herkimer encourages us to be more flexible, to relax, and to take more responsibility of our own wellbeing.”

Ketlin Kaljas
Crystal healing expert, Estonia

Herkimer Diamond Meanings at a glance

  • Herkimer Diamond Birthstone Month: April
  • Zodiac sign of Herkimer Diamond: Sagittarius
  • Healing properties: brings clarity and balance, boosts creativity, releases negative energies, clears emotional blockages, removes toxins from the body, increases the effects of other crystals

With its wide range of effects, Herkimer Diamond is a great all-around stone to wear as jewelry. Check out my jewelry collection to see how they look.

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