Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Now we will have a closer look at the healing properties of one specific crystal, The Clear Quartz Crystal, also known as The Rock Crystal. You can then enjoy the Clear Quartz Healing Properties while wearing fashion jewelry!

Clear Quartz Crystal a.k.a “The Rock Crystal”

Clear Quartz Healing PropertiesClear Quartz is known as the “Universal Crystal”.

According to Judy Hall, “Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. – – Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.”

The Clear Quartz can indeed be used in so many situations that everyone should own one!

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Quartz increases inspiration and creativity by clarifying thought processes and emotions. It is especially helpful in situations where you need to learn new things, as it helps with concentration while you are studying. Overall, Clear Quartz makes it easier to process and retain information.

Crystal Quartz is also very efficient in balancing energies. For this reason, it even brings harmony to romantic relationships.

Clear Quartz worn on or close to the body are often used for healing or protective purposes. In order to heal and protect you, the crystal will absorb vibrations from your body and the surrounding environment. For the crystal to keep working efficiently, it is a good idea to clear it on a regular basis. The easiest way to do this is to rinse the crystal under lukewarm water. Some gemstones should not be rinsed with water, but Clear Quartz can be safely rinsed without harming the crystal.

A less well-known property of Clear Quartz is that it amplifies the energies of other crystals. The Clear Quartz healing properties are truly endless!

Keltin Kaljas, Crystal Healing Expert“Crystals with points have a special ability to focus energy so that things can be revealed or manifested even faster. When you use a pointed Rock Crystal pendulum as a healing tool, you can simply point out what is needed.

Rock Crystal offers you an amazing opportunity to clear your mind, energize your body and manifest what is in your highest good. Go for it!”

Ketlin Kaljas
Crystal healing expert, Estonia

In the next part of this e-course, we will learn how to use Herkimer Diamonds for a more harmonious and happy life.

I will also share an article about a growing number of celebrities who swear by the healing effects of crystals.

Now that you know the healing properties of Clear Quartz, you probably want to see how Clear Quartz looks in jewelry. Below you will find a sample of my jewelry designs that incorporate Clear Quartz Crystals.

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Healing Jewelry Designer Sigrid M Leis

Clear Quartz Healing Pendant

Simple Rock Crystal pendant

The simplicity of this design has made it a very popular tool for both healing and protection. By pointing the crystal away from the body, you can draw energy off. Pointed inward, it channels energy to the body.

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Also available with a sterling silver chain.

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Necklace

Rock Crystal & Hematite

This necklace combines pointed Rock Crystals with golden Hematite beads. The Hematite has a grounding effect, which nicely complements the effects of the Rock Crystal. While The Rock Crystals boost your creativity and inspiration, the Hematite helps you to go and fulfill your dreams.

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Also available with gold color plated Rock Crystals and plain Hematite beads.

Pendant with Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Gold plated Rock Crystal

This necklace is similar to the Mind-Blowing Bullet above, but the crystal is a bit smaller and has a durable gold color coating.

You get all the benefits of a plain Rock Crystal, with the added effect of gold which gives us enthusiasm and excitement that make life a wonderful adventure.

There are also three tiny Hematite beads connected to the clasp, which help you stay grounded.

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Clear Quartz Healing Properties in Earrings

Super clear round crystal earrings with Hematite

The round shaped crystals emit energy in all directions equally. The clear crystal is especially powerful for bringing peace and clarity to your thoughts.

The “extra sugar” in the name refers to the tiny Hematite beads. The extra sugar boosts your self-confidence and personal magnetism.

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